Exercise Bidding in Bridge  

© boco_san (2004/08 ~); in English (2014/10 ~) 
Bidding Summary with SAYC (designed for use in print).

In 2000, I happened to join advising a Bridge Lesson Room in Yahoo! Bridge for starters as well as possibly "sophomores", almost every Saturday (later, every Wednesday as well), which continued about five years.
    The deal, play, and score were automatically recorded through my own-made Windows software MiniHand, which enabled every parti-cipant to enjoy post-mortem immediately after each deal has been played. As often occurs among Bridge players, the postmortem tended to take more pleasant time than bidding and card play.
    The resulting records have now amounted to a tremendous number, from which I have come to prepare a quiz-formatted Excercise Bidding in Bridge in 48 pages below.
Opening Bid
 Balanced Hands              
 Suit Opening, Rule of 20      
 Choosing Right Opening    
 Pre-emptive Opening        
 Strong 2 Opening          
Opener (Second Bid)      
 Balanced Hands        
 Major Opening (with Support)
 Major Opening (No Support)
 Minor Opening        
Opener (Third Bid)        
 Balanced Hands          
Opener Contends            
 Against Interference
 Using Negative Double
 Support Double       
Third-Hand Opening            
 Third-Hand Opening          
 Passed Hand Responds
 Opener's Second Bid    
 Drury Convention      

Responder (Second Bid)
 (1) Part 1        
 (2) Part 2        
 (3) FSF, Cuebid      

Responder Contends  
 Against Overcall
 Negative Double
 Agaist Double

 Balancing on Passed Hands  
Slam Try
 Quantitative 4NT, Blackwood
 Splinter, Jacoby 2NT, Control Bids

  1. Rule of 20 … why so useful?
  2. How many tricks … with how many points?  Software answers.
  3. Three and four … different like chalk and cheese!
  4. After limit raise in minor … how to proceed.
  5. Two Kinds of double,  takeout double, and …
  6. Reference to articles on LoTT (Law of Total Tricks)
  7. What's rule of seven? … Countering pre-emptive opening.
  8. Why borrow a King in balancing ?
  9. How well do you and your partner understand each other? Bidding when you open 2 (By Mike Lawrence)
  10. Control-showing cuebid … Standard and Italian
  11. Why stronger singleton hands are bad penny to Splinter league?